How To Manifest Your Ideal Reality

This article is not about how tomanifest your reality because you already do that every second of every day if you didn’t then you wouldn’t be having a physical experience at all. So today I want to talk about how you can manifest your ideal reality. You create what you experience, however most of us do that unconsciously, it is possible to be deliberate in manifestation, in fact it should be the most natural thing to do. I am also very new at this so please let me know if you have something to add to what we are about to discuss.

Taking Responsibility

For me the first step was taking responsibility for what I have manifested so far, some of which was wonderful while some wasn’t. I couldn’t just take credit for the good part of my reality and blame the rest on external factors. Taking full responsibility of the reality I have attracted was actually quite a relief for me. It meant that no one had anything to do with it, it meant that I don’t have to control people or situations to have the life that I want. It is a sense of freedom.

When I see people who depend on other people or circumstances to give them a sense of happiness I feel so grateful that my happiness is my own. I feel that I am out of the prison they are still in. Many a times I wanted to help them to escape from this self inflicted state and I did it a few times but what I learned is that if I am at a different level of vibration then someone, she/he cannot hear me. It is like I am speaking another language. It is not that I am better then them or they are better then me it is just that we are at very different places. Arguing only lowers my vibration. So I have decided that if a person doesn’t/couldn’t hear me then I allow her/him to be. Everyone has a higher self and at the time that is right for them they will figure it out on their own. At the moment they are doing the best they can with what they know. I bless them and move on.


If you are unfamiliar with the concept of vibration then simply put vibration is your state of being. It is how you are feeling about something. Joy, excitement, enthusiasm and other positive states represent high vibrations. This is when you create what you most desire. When you are vibrating at the lower frequencies of powerlessness, anger, frustration, depression then also you are creating your reality but a reality that is a reflection of thesefeelings.

There is no chance, no luck. There is only response to the vibration. Everything in life is the indication of the vibrational signal that we are sending out.



A lot has been said about the importance of visualization. I don’t agree with the most of it again that is just me. Everyone is different. I remember I used to visualize in order to make something happen, it was something I thought I had to do to create my ideal reality. It was more of a chore then anything else. I am not saying that you shouldn’t visualize it is quite enjoyable when you do it for just the fun of it. Now I do it because it makes me feel good. When you take the pressure out of it to attract something, when you do it without expectations paradoxically that is when you attract what you want.

When you visualize make sure that you are not doing that from a place of lack meaning you want something that you don’t have and you feel bad that you don’t have it. It would be nice if you do have it but so what if you don’t. Pay attention to your feelings, if you are not feeling good when you are visualizing then stop immediately and think instead about something that you feel good about that is already in your life. It could be anything big or small, the point is to take yourself out of the place of resistance in to the place of allowance. Allow joy to flow to you and not force something to happen.

When you are happy about something, when you feel a rush of excitement about something in your life (no mater if it is or is not related to what you want to visualize about) is the best time for visualization.

So how should you visualize, what should you imagine? It is up to you. One way is to think about your ideal life. See yourself living a life that you fantasize about. Actually see yourself doing all the things that you want to do. Pay close attention to the you in your imagination. How is that you behaving, his attitude, his personality.

You will notice that the person in your visualization behaves a bit differently then you. If you notice this difference then take it a bit further and put your ideal self in different scenarios and see how he behaves there. If it is difficult for you to do that (it will become easier with practice) then just notice little things like how he walks, how he talks, his attitude towards others.

Now after you have done visualizing try to mimic your ideal self in your every day life. Practice doing things like you would have done in your ideal life. Little things like how would your ideal self walk on the street probably with is head held high with a spring in his feet because he has nothing to worry about. Or which movies he like to watch, what are his hobbies. Do as many things as possible that you see your ideal self doing. This part is really important. This will raise your frequency to match the level of your ideal self in your ideal life. You need to get used to what is coming to you in fact that is the way it will come to you. But most importantly do these things because you simply enjoy doing them not because you are expecting something to happen as a result of these activities. I find it a lot of fun 🙂

Another thing is that you have to be open to the unexpected, the little joyful surprises that come your way, meaning don’t insist that what you want happens exactly in the way that you imagine. It could happen in the same way but it could also happen in a much better way. Your higher self has a much broader view of your life then you do. Trust it.


Your beliefs are the foundation of your reality. No matter how much you visualize about what you want if you don’t believe that it will happen, it won’t. Some times some beliefs are so deeply rooted in our subconscious that we are not even aware of them. These programmed beliefs are running on a default, unless we replace them with the ones that work for us, these dated beliefs will run in the back ground and shape our reality.

For example there is a common belief that no pain no gain or that work and fun are two separate things. So what if you want to make your passion or hobby your job or business? If you don’t really believe that what you love to do can support you then it wouldn’t. This website is not only what I really enjoy doing but I also think of it as something that I can make a living at.

For me passion and profession are one and the same. There were times when some opinions did have some effect on me and I started looking for a part time job until this website took off. So it meant that on some level I believed that what I do cannot support me at least for the time being. I had to change this belief, for me it is all about convincing myself (and not any one else) that not only it is possible but inevitable. What anyone else thinks about it is not important because their beliefs create their reality and not mine. I used whatever tools I could find to make myself believe. I did meditation, EFT (emotional freedom technique), I looked at the lives of people who are following their passion and making a decent living at it, if they can do it so can I. I did anything that I could to help me to let go of the beliefs that don’t serve me anymore.

I trust life now, I trust that I am supported in every way. I still take inventory of my beliefs from time to time and remind myself that when I be myself and follow my heart everything else follows. Period. There is nothing else to it.

Always check for beliefs that don’t support what you want to accomplish. However you have to respect the belief system that you have now. Don’t try to change something that you are not ready to change. Don’t jump off a building unless you believe that you can fly 🙂

Problem solving

Don’t look at problems as problems think of them as something that will benefit you in some way, when you believe it, this is what will happen ALWAYS. When a problem manifests so does a solution but if you keep obsessing about the problem you can’t see the solution.

If you have a problem then arguing about it with yourself or with others will not solve it in fact it will magnify it. All you have to do is to relax your mind or do some activity to take your mind off it and out of the blue the solution will come to you or better the problem will resolve on its own. Not only that but also you will find yourself in a better place then you were before you had this problem. Every difficult situation takes you to a higher level of consciousness provided that you don’t stress out about it. As Richard Bachsaid in his book Illusions(which by the way is one of my favourite books), “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.You seek problems because you need their gifts.”


Some people believe in controlling life and resisting people or situations that they don’t prefer. I on the other hand am a big fan of allowing. It works for me. I am practicing being at peace with every situation in my life, yes I am still practicing and practice makes perfect 🙂

When you allow what is to be, what it needs to be, it changes to however you prefer it to be. When you don’t allow it to be what it is it remains what it is. It may not make much sense to you, it didn’t to me when I first learned about it. But then I thought about the times when I did exactly that though unconsciously and things did change and went in the direction that I wanted.

Remember when you are allowing things to be, don’t hold any negativity about the situation. Because nothing is negative or positive on its own. It is you who decide what it is and that is the effect you get out of it. This is quantum physics in its simplest forms.

Breaking the Cycle of Disappointments

Disappointments! We all had them time and again. So how to disappear the disappointments? The answer is simple, stop getting disappointed. Situations in themselves have no built in meaning, it is how you look at them determines what result you will get out of them. And I mean that literally not metaphorically.

You must always think of what happened in a positive way. If you allow yourself to understand that you don’t need to be disappointed when what you expect to happen doesn’t happen then you will break this cycle. When you change your outlook, when you stop carrying any disappointment within you, again paradoxically you will not attract situations that will disappoint you. Everything around you is just a reflection of what is within you and when you change the reflection changes also.

Putting it all together

To create your ideal reality you must know that you and only you are responsible for your life and everything in it. And now that you know it, you can create deliberately. Think of your feelings as emotional indicators of what you are in the process of attracting. Your life is the result of the vibrational signal you are sending out and when you change the signal you change what you attract. Visualize the life that you want and see yourself actually living it, feel good when you do that. 

Check for the beliefs that are not in alignment with what you want and replace them with the ones that are. Practice the art of allowing so that what you want can flow to you easily. Think of problems as gifts rather then obstacles. Know that whatever happens it will effect your life in a positive way and that you will always get a positive effect from that no matter what anybody else’s intention is towards you. Happy Manifesting!


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